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The Wellness & Prevention Center. San Clemente supports and mentors the S.O.S club.

Visit the Wellness & Prevention Center’s full website: http://wellnessandpreventionsanclemente.com

Are you concerned?

  • You noticed that the high school peer pressure is getting too much for your teen.
  • You have questions about your teens behavior in school and around the home.
  • You notice your teen is hanging around a bad crowd at school or in the
  • You have found some type of pill in your teens pant pocket or room and want to
    know what it is.
  • You don’t like the parties your teen is going too.

Or it doesn’t even have to be the above. 

  • You want to see what Wellness & Prevention and the SOS club is all about.
  • You want a safe place where your teen can have fun and hang out with
  • Your teen is entering high school and you want to guide them in the right
  • You want to look for a “new beginning” with your teen after going through a
    rough time in the past.

Well, guess what? You are not alone in being a concerned parent. In fact, being tough
and asking questions and giving guidance to your teen is what will help him/her in
becoming a responsible adult later.

Congratulations for taking a step in guiding your teen in being proactive in your teen’s
life. Your teen needs you. Simple fact.

If you have any questions or to sign up, please email me, I am here for one and all.

Susan Parmelee
On-campus S.O.S. club advisor and Director of Wellness and Prevention Center. San Clemente
susan@wellnessandpreventionsanclemente.com, 949-680-0516

More resources can be found on the Wellness & Prevention Center’s full website: http://wellnessandpreventionsanclemente.com

Drug Guide Here are some great websites that you should check on a regular basis. Keep informed on whats out there.

Helpful Links These are some helpful resources for you.

Youth Services and Schools

California Youth Resources: Counseling (teens and family counseling) Addiction experts; True sliding scale fees; Diversion program for substance abuse – JADE; Drug Testing – free. www.calyouthservices.org

Western Youth Services: Providing Counseling and Mental Health Services for children, Youth and Adults since 1972. www.westernyouthservices.org